Don't be Average

Ignore the Buzz of America and Escape the pursuit of mediocracy....

Brian Anguiz

4/1/20243 min read

Don’t Be Average

“How long are you going to put off who you really want to be?” - Seneca

In 100 years, there will be no living person that has a memory of you when you were alive on earth. Let us call it 200 just to be safe. If that did not do it for you Elon Musk says that in a long enough timeline the earth will get absorbed by the sun and the universe will expand into a fine mist. The moral of the story is we have a limited time on this planet so live the life that you want. Now with that said I will counsel you to avoid being average. There is a type of pressure or frequency in America that is pushing society at every level in the direction of mediocracy. Reminds me of this part in Fight Club...

In a Modern Wisdom Podcast it was said that “the average person [in America] is obese, likely to be divorced, and has less than $1,000 in the bank.” This statement hit me hard because I have experienced all three of these things in my life. This is why I am so passionate about talking to my friends about paying off their debt and building wealth and about taking care of their health. I know what average feels like and I know the depression and regret it eventually leads to. Listening to what society says you should do is the fastest way to find yourself in a life that you do not want to be in.

Living a healthy life is insanely hard to practice in the modern world, because there are so many forces at work trying to make it as hard as possible for you to step outside the Matrix. There is a frequency in this country that wants us to find comfort in packaged food and Chinese trinkets. We are curated at an early age to live in the consumerist culture. In 2023 U.S. companies spent $1.6 billion dollars [an increase of almost 50%] on advertisements targeting children last year to force their products and create the narrative that unhealthy food and material goods are the true source of happiness. This must be contributing to why the average child in America has a diet that is almost 70% ultra processed food [video.] But week after week I want to try to inspire my readers to find a ‘why’ to live a healthy, strong, and exceptional life to break free from average! I want to be the frequency that says live longer, stronger, and happier! 


The beautiful part about being a human is we can use our rational brain to solve these problems and separate ourselves from the average. Use your future self as a tool to become your own hero. The mission of Universal Progress is to inspire progress through the optimization of health. The first quote on my website is by Tony Robbins and it states, “Progress equals Happiness.” The whole point of Universal Progress is to spread happiness to as many people as possible. Robbins says that we were designed to go out of the cave and hunt to find nourishment. But if we had everlasting satisfaction from the first meal we poached, the human species would not have lasted long. We need to progress to feel happy and we need to continue to progress to maintain this state. The purpose of Universal Progress is to motivate readers to get their bodies in peak healthy states. A healthy body is something that you cannot purchase, you must earn! Something that will give you countless benefits from confidence, long life, increased vitality and help improve your mental status like depression and anxiety. Health is the foundation to all of life and amplifies every experience we have on this planet. Do not get pulled into the frequency of society and fall into the average, and fight to live the life that you are proud of and live a long and healthy life!!! 

 “Health is the crown on the well person’s head, that only the ill person can see.” -Robin Sharma 

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